C3 IoT, AWS tighten Internet of things, cloud integration

C3 IoT is now an advanced tech partner with Amazon Web Services and more integrated with AWS IoT. The tag team will now target more enterprise accounts.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

C3 IoT, which provides an enterprise Internet of things platform, said it is bolstering its existing partnership with Amazon Web Services to create an integrated enterprise stack for deployments.

The company, led by Tom Siebel, has landed a series of large utility deployments and is branching out into new verticals. C3 IoT has more than 20 public sector and enterprise customers. The compute for these enterprise machine learning deployments at companies like Endesa, Enel and Pella has typically been provided by AWS.

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As a result, AWS and C3 IoT were already strong partners. Now C3 IoT will be an advanced technology partner for AWS and be fully integrated with AWS IoT. AWS IoT is a managed cloud service designed to track sensors and networks. C3 IoT also said it will be integrated with AWS EC2 and provide auto scaling and spot pricing optimization.

C3 IoT has been used for everything from fraud detection to predictive maintenance and network health checks.

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The combination of C3 IoT and AWS will be interesting to watch as the Internet of things becomes more commonplace. C3 IoT in many cases will compete with GE Predix, which has formed a series of partnerships with Cisco, Intel, Verizon. GE is also partnered with AWS as well as Pivotal. Cisco and IBM have also partnered on IoT deployments.

In a recent interview with CEO Siebel, he said C3 IoT is now going after market share. Like Siebel did at his CRM company and Oracle, the plan is to knock on big enterprise doors. "We're ringing one doorbell at a time. At Oracle and Siebel we tended to ring doorbells at big doors. That's what we've done," he said.

Bottom line: There's an IoT turf war about to take place with C3 IoT and AWS IoT taking a cloud-first route against incumbent enterprise players.

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