C3 IoT updates platform, adds AI, machine learning tools, more AWS integration

The core theme of the C3 IoT release is to bring data scientists and application developers together in one platform and workflow. C3 IoT has more than 100 million sensors under management.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

C3 IoT updated its Internet of Things platform with more machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, integrated more with Amazon Web Services and has more than 100 million sensors and devices under management.

Version 7 of C3 IoT's platform will help the company expand into new verticals. As noted previously, C3 IoT initially gained traction with utilities and then moved into new verticals. Houman Behzadi, chief product officer at C3 IoT, said the company is actively working on implementations at oil and gas, health care, and financial services companies.

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The other core theme for the new C3 IoT release is that it is using its platform to bring data scientists and application developers together. "Application developers can now work on the same platform as the data scientists with the same framework, classifier data and platform and put in an app," said Behzadi. "We're unifying how data science and developers interact."

That move to merge data science, developer, and IT into one workflow is driven by customers who are moving beyond the data lake strategy and want to get more out of their IoT data, he said.

Among the additions to C3 IoT:

  • C3 Ex Machina, a visual analytics and machine learning development tool, provides analysts code-free tool to get insights. C3 IoT also added support for Python and R.
  • Image processing for objects and facial recognition were added along with natural language processing for text-based data, logs, and handwritten notes.
  • C3 Type System is abstraction layer with native HDFS integration and data lakes.
  • C3 Tools, which defines integration processes and extends data models and analytics.
  • A Eclipse plug-in to develop and deploy applications.
  • Support for AWS DynamoDB, a NoSQL database service. C3 IoT also bolstered integration with AWS IoT and Lambda as well as the cloud giant's platform as a service tools. "AWS IoT is starting to get used heavily. We can integrate with what AWS has done and it's synergistic," said Behzadi.

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