Celona aims to make private enterprise 5G networks commonplace

Celona packs a simple SaaS pricing model, MicroSlicing technology and an architecture that launches interference free LTE/5G networks to ride along with enterprise Wi-Fi.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Celona, a startup, is launching technology that will make it easier for enterprises to deploy private LTE/5G wireless networks with one platform.

The technology, called MicroSlicing, uses software to abstract cellular wireless network design and translate it into a framework similar to what IT departments manage today.

Celona's platform also leverages Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum in the US so enterprises can use it for 5G mobile devices as well as Internet of things infrastructure.

The company features a single software-as-a-service license with three- and five-year subscription options. The pricing covers indoor and outdoor access points, license for spectrum access, software, SIM cards and technical support.

According to Celona, HPE's Aruba unit will resell the company's product portfolio. Celona is targeting customers that need to segment networks for interference-free connectivity to devices. Celona-powered networks are designed to ride shotgun with enterprise Wi-Fi networks to provide an interference free network for smartphones and sensors.

Celona's lineup includes:

  • Celona RAN, which is a set of enterprise indoor and outdoor CBRS LTE access points that provide up to 25,000 square feet and 1 million square feet of coverage. Radio functions are automated via Celona software.
  • Celona Edge, a private LTE/5G core that integrates with existing enterprise network configurations and access control policies.
  • Celona Orchestrator, an AIOps platform that remotely installs Celona access points and Edge software across ties. The Celona Orchestrator allows for provisioning of Celona SIM cards.

The company's wares are available through Celona's channel partners.  

Here's a look at Celona Orchestrator. 

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