CES 2018: Belkin's Wemo line gains Apple HomeKit support

After a long wait, Wemo users can finally use Siri and HomeKit for home automation.

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Belkin on Sunday announced it is finally ready to begin shipping the Wemo HomeKit Bridge. The small accessory will allow most of its Wemo home automation devices to interact with Apple's HomeKit platform.

The Wemo Bridge sales for $39.99, and is available starting today on Belkin's website and through Amazon, with orders shipping January 14.


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A support document on Belkin's website lists the products the Wemo Bridge will currently work with. Those Wemo devices include:

  • Wemo Switch
  • Wemo Insight
  • Wemo Light Switch
  • Wemo Mini
  • Wemo Dimmer
  • Wemo Motion

For those who own a Wemo coffee pot, it looks like "Hey Siri, make me some coffee" isn't an option right now. Bummer.

The Wemo Bridge connects to your Wi-Fi network via an Ethernet port on your wireless router. After plugging the Bridge into your router, your Wemo devices will appear in the Home app on your iOS devices.

As a Wemo user myself, I received an email with a discount code for 40-percent off of the Wemo Bridge, which I promptly used. If you are a Wemo user and have long wished you could tell Siri to turn off your lights, check your inbox.