CES 2018: Garmin Speak Plus announced with dash cam and Amazon Alexa integration

Garmin improved on its Speak device with a camera that will serve as a third-party witness while also adding driver assistance features.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

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Garmin GPS devices have been used in cars for a long time and the new Garmin Speak Plus takes the in-car experience to the next level. Amazon Alexa integration provides voice control for music, news briefings, sports scores, GPS navigation, and more. The dash cam adds features to any car that may be found in high end newer model vehicles.

Image: Garmin

The integrated dash cam provides forward collision avoidance assistance, lane departure warnings, and go alerts if stopped traffic ahead begins to move forward. It will automatically record and save files when an incident is detected.

The Garmin Speak Plus is only an inch and half in diameter, with a LED light ring and bright OLED display showing lane guidance arrows to guide you to your destination. It mounts to your windshield with a magnetic mount so you can easily pop it off and secure it when you leave the vehicle.

Garmin GPS turn-by-turn navigation is provided through Alexa and the connection to your smartphone through Bluetooth and the Garmin Speak app. All of the great Alexa skills are supported on the Garmin Speak Plus too.

The Garmin Speak Plus will be available starting mid-February for $229.99 from Garmin, Best Buy, Amazon, and other retailers. There will be a special pre-order price of $199.99 from January 8 - February 10.

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