CES 2019 video roundup: Watch innovation at work

Hundreds of companies were strutting their new technologies at this year's CES. From a nanosatellite IOT network to a wearable blood pressure monitor, here are a select few and fascinating tech stories as told to ZDNet's Stephanie Condon.
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Consumers are increasingly concerned about the risks of leaving behind a digital footprint, so Allstate is stepping in to help people learn more about who has their data and why.

The mattress manufacturer collects 8.5 billion biometric data points every night via its smart beds, says Sleep Number CEO Shelly Ibach. To protect that data, the company is building direct relationships with customers, she said.  

Boulder officials tried to expand ride sharing for low-income residents with $100,000 in monetary incentives but only managed to hand out $265. Julia Richman, Boulder's chief innovation and technology officer, explains what the results mean for future mobility efforts.  

Less than 10 percent of the globe is covered by cellular networks. Fabien Jordan, founder of Astrocast, says satellites can help cover the rest.  

Dr. Frauke Neuser, associate director for scientific communications at Olay, a Procter and Gamble brand, explains how the company has leveraged information collected on its skin advisor platform to improve its product lineup. 

Jeff Ray, executive director of business and technology for Omron, explains how the new device, called HeartGuide, is more than just a consumer gadget.  

Guive Balooch, head of L'Oréal's Technology Incubator, explains how tracking biometric data can inform customers, as well as L'Oréal's research department. 

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