CES 2020 Innovation Awards: Winners and trends

Innovation took many forms at CES 2020. Check out the products and categories that won the awards.
Written by Charles McLellan, Senior Editor

Each year, CES runs an extensive programme of innovation awards, selecting a subset of the thousands of products on show on the basis of their engineering, aesthetics and design, uniqueness, the innovation they bring to the consumer market, and more. 

There are two levels of recognition: 'Honorees' are products that score above the threshold for a given category, while 'Best of Innovation' is reserved for the highest-rated product(s) in each category (see the CES website for more details on the judging process and expert panel).

In 2020, 464 products received awards, 31 of them being Best of Innovation winners:




American Printing House for the Blind

Code Jumper


Atmosic Technologies

Atmosic M3 Battery-Free Bluetooth 5 SoC

Embedded Technologies


Avast Omni

Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy


Bosch 3D Display for automotive applications

In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety / Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation


Bosch Virtual Visor

In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety / Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation

Bot3 Inc

Zen-P VSLAM Deep Learning Module

Embedded Technologies

Charmcare Co Ltd

H2-BP (Wristband type blood pressure monitor)

Wearable Technologies

Colgate Palmolive

Colgate Plaqless Pro

Health & Wellness

Damon Motorcycles

Halo Hypersport

Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation

Doosan Mobility Innovation

Long Endurance Fuelcell Drone (DS30 with DP30)

Drones & Unmanned Systems

Human Capable Inc

Norm Glasses

Computer Hardware & Components / Digital Imaging or Photography / Embedded Technologies / Fitness & Sports / Headphones & Personal Audio / Health & Wellness / Home Audio or Video Components & Accessories / Mobile Devices & Accessories / Smart Cities

Hydraloop Systems BV


Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy



Embedded Technologies

Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems BLK2GO

Digital Imaging or Photography

LG Electronics Inc


Video Displays

mmh Labs


Tech for a Better World



Virtual & Augmented Reality / Wearable Technologies


Planty Cube

Smart Cities



Mobile Devices & Accessories

OrCam Technologies

OrCam Hear



3D Semantic Camera

In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety / Smart Cities

Owl Labs

Meeting Owl Pro

Computer Peripherals & Accessories / Robotics

Samsung Electronics America Inc

Q800T Soundbar + QLED TV by Samsung

Home Audio or Video Components & Accessories

Samsung Electronics America Inc

Samsung Sero

Video Displays

Sleep Number

All New Sleep Number Climate360 Smart Bed

Health & Wellness / Smart Home / Tech for a Better World

Syntiant Corp

Syntiant NDP100 Neural Decision Processor

Embedded Technologies

TecPal Ltd

Smart Kitchen Cooking Machine

Home Appliances / Smart Home


The Valerann Smart Roads System

Smart Cities


St Noire - an Alexa Hosted Cinematic Board Game


Zyxel Communications Inc

Halo Light 10G Fiber WiFi6 Intelligent Home Wi-Fi System

Computer Peripherals & Accessories


Two CES Best of Innovation award winners: Syntiant's NDP100 Neural Decision Processor and Colgate Palmolive's Plaqless Pro smart toothbrush.

Images: Syntiant & Colgate Palmolive

As you'd expect, there's a wide range of innovation here — from a processor designed to run deep-learning algorithms to a smart toothbrush that detects biofilm buildup in the mouth (see above), and many points in between. A notable category is Tech for a Better World, which saw two very different winners: mmh Labs' Bluefin, a wearable tag for fish that measures water temperature, pressure, depth and pH levels; and Sleep Number, whose Climate360 Smart Bed creates a personalised and responsive microclimate with automatic firmness adjustability.

Companies with the most award-winning products in 2020 were all familiar names with large portfolios: Samsung (38), LG Electronics (17), ASUS (11), MSI Computer (8) and HP Inc (7).

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The leading product category for awards was Smart Home with 51, although this was down on the number for 2019 (61). Health & Wellness saw a big jump in award-winning products, from 16 in 2019 to 46 in 2020, to take second place. Perhaps surprisingly, the 2020 awards table was propped up by categories that have had a lot of coverage in recent years: Drones & Unmanned Systems and 3D Printing, both with just four award-winning products:

Data: CES / Chart: ZDNet

Some of these award-winners may go on to commercial and/or world-changing success. Others, as ZDNet's Tiernan Ray has documented, may fade after a brief spell in the spotlight.

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