CES 2021: Otterbox announces new mobile gaming accessory lineup for Xbox users

The accessories are designed to make gaming on your smartphone easier, more comfortable.


Image: Otterbox

Otterbox on Monday announced a new product line designed for those who prefer to game while on the go. Otterbox Gaming makes its debut with a suite of mobile gaming accessories, primarily focused on iPhone and Xbox users at launch. 

Starting Jan. 25, Otterbox will begin taking preorders for a new Mobile Gaming Clip, a Gaming Carry Case, an Easy Grip Controller Shell, an Easy Grip Gaming Case, and a Gaming Glass Privacy Guard. Orders will begin shipping in mid-February, according to the company. 


Image: Otterbox

The $30 Mobile Gaming Clip is built to work with Xbox controllers. Specifically, the Xbox Series X|S controllers, Xbox One controller, and the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. The adjustable arm includes a clamp that will securely hold your phone, and folds down for easy storage when you're done gaming. The clip locks into place on the Xbox controller by using the expansion port. There are several cutouts for users to access the Xbox and menu buttons, as well as an additional arm that triggers the pairing button on the top of the controller. 


Image: Otterbox

The $45 Gaming Carrying case is a protective case for your Xbox controller. There's enough room inside to leave the Mobile Gaming Clip installed. It reminds me, in both look and feel, of the case that comes with the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. There's a cutout in the back of the case that allows you to charge your controller while it's in the case. On top is a foldout stand that will hold your phone up, allowing you to place your phone on top of the carrying case and game with your controller. There are several pockets inside to hold extra batteries or accessories. 

Otterbox shell grip case for xbox controller.jpg

Image: Otterbox

In a bid to help you protect your Xbox controller, Otterbox is releasing a the $40 Easy Grip Controller Shell, which translates into a case for your controller. The case snaps on and off, leaving plenty of room to add the gaming clip, access to the controllers buttons and ports, and provides an extra level of protection from accidental drops. The shell will be available in three different color options at launch, and will work with the Xbox One controller and the Xbox Series X|S controller. 

Otterbox gaming case iphone.jpg

Image: Otterbox

The $55 Easy Grip Gaming Case adds some extra protection and grip to the iPhone, with Android specific versions "coming soon." There's an internal heat shield built into the back of the case that will help dissipate the heat your phone produces during intense gaming sessions. At launch, the gaming case will only be available in Squid Ink (black), with more colors added in the future. 


Image: Otterbox

Finally, the $50 Gaming Glass Privacy Guard is a screen protector that helps blur out what's on your phone's screen when you're using it in landscape orientation -- a common way games are played. 

I received samples for each product from Otterbox shortly before the announcement. I haven't been a big advocate of mobile gaming, but after testing the gaming clip with my iPhone and streaming Xbox games on my home network, I can see why this is an area Otterbox wants to expand into. With cloud-based gaming services, along with Apple Arcade, mobile gaming is sure to keep growing -- and as such, the demand for gamers to get the most out of the experience.