Samsung Display to show off display that folds and slides

At CES 2023, Samsung Display launches its Flex Hybrid display, which combines its foldable and slidable technologies and is aimed at future laptops.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Samsung Display's Flex Hybrid display can be folded from the left side and extended from the right side. Image: Samsung Display

Samsung Display said on Monday that it will unveil a display panel that can be both folded and slid wider at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. Called Flex Hybrid, the screen can be folded from the left side and its right side can extend out to make it larger. 

It is a 10.5-inch display with a 4:3 ratio regularly and can be extended to 12.4-inch with a 16:10 ratio, Samsung Display said. The South Korean display panel maker said Flex Hybrid is aimed at future laptops.

Samsung Display will also publicly showcase for the first time its 17-inch slidable display panel which was announced in September last year, at its invitation-only exhibit lasting from January 4 to 7.

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It is a 17-inch in size when fully extended and under a 14-inch beforehand. The company said there will be two versions of the panel: One called Flex Slidable Solo that can extend from one side of the screen and another called Flex Slidable Duet that extends from both sides.


Another display that can be slid wider from both sides will also be shown at CES 2023. Image: Samsung Display

The South Korean display panel maker is also planning to unveil its 2023 model QD-OLED display panels.

QD-OLED is Samsung Display's version of large OLED panels aimed at TVs and monitors. They use a blue emission layer that passes through a quantum dot conversion layer to also express red and green colors.

This method is different from LG Display's large OLED panels which have no such conversion layer and instead add white pixels to the red, green, and blue pixels on the emission layer while using a color filter.

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The company is planning to unveil 77-, 65-, 55-, and 34-inch sizes as well as a 49-inch model aimed at ultra-wide monitors.

Samsung Display said it applied a new algorithm called IntelliSense AI and new organic materials for the emission layer that increases the brightness of the screens. The company claimed that these panels can reach a luminance of over 2,000 nits while consuming 25% less power than prior panels.

Samsung Display will also unveil its new digital cockpit concept that combines a 34-inch display and a 15.6-inch display. The company will also showcase how it reuses glass and reduce greenhouse gas emissions during production, Samsung Display said.

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