ChatGPT can now access the internet on mobile. Here's how

If you want to do some internet browsing via ChatGPT on mobile, now you can.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Person using ChatGPT on a phone
June Wan/ZDNET

Since its launch, ChatGPT's Achilles heel has been its inability to access information past 2021. To remedy the issue, in May, ChatGPT announced that Microsft Bing would be incorporated into ChatGPT to give the chatbot internet access. 

Now that feature is available on mobile. 

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On Tuesday, ChatGPT announced updates to its ChatGPT iOS app. The biggest update is that ChatGPT Plus users will be able to access Bing-powered browsing on the app. 

To access this feature, Plus users have to go to the "new features" section in their app settings, select GPT-4 in the model switcher, and choose the "Browse with Bing" drop-down, according to the release. 

Access to this feature is limited to subscribers on mobile because access to web browsing using Bing even on desktop is an exclusive feature -- for now. 

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When ChatGPT initially announced the collaboration with Microsoft, the company reassured non-subscribers that "soon" everyone will have access to the feature for free simply by enabling a plugin that will bring Bing to ChatGPT. 

The other update is improved search history on mobile. Now when users tap on a search result, they will be taken to the respective point in the conversation. 

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