Compaq plots cost of ownership

Compaq UK has released research into cost of PC ownership. Despite being something of an old chestnut hauled out by blue-chip PC vendors, the report, conducted by the UK's Benchmark Research, nonetheless provides some interesting insights:
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

4 per cent of respondents estimated cost of ownership at more than 100 per cent of the purchase price. Compaq says analysts' estimates put the real figure at 400 per cent.

40 per cent of IT directors and managers see no use for a network computer (NC) terminal.

The most important factors in buying PCs were product quality, maker's reputation, compatibility and price.

54 per cent of companies could provide exact asset management data of PCs installed in their enterprises. 69 per cent of companies controlled asset management by physically counting PCs.

Half of IT departments had lost PC equipment to thieves in the last year.

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