Debian 8.5 and Manjaro 16.06 arrive

Updated ISO images are available, but you only need them for a new installation.
Written by J.A. Watson, Contributor

Updated ISO installation images have been released for two Linux distributions.


The current Debian 'stable' version, Debian GNU/Linux 8.5.0, was announced on Saturday along with the final update for the 'old-stable' version, Debian GNU/Linux 7.11. Both of these are roll-up releases which contain the latest patches and security updates.

If you have an installed Debian GNU/Linux system you do not need to re-install from these new images, all you need to do is make sure that you have the latest updates (via synaptic or apt-get).

The one thing that I have noticed that is not entirely obvious, and which I can perhaps help with a bit here, is finding the checksum and GPG validation files. The netinst installer image can be downloaded directly from a button on the Debian home page, but to get the checksums and GPG signatures you have to go to the ISO-cd directory.

Other formats and architectures are still being added to the download hierarchy; in particular, the Live ISO images generally take a bit longer to show up in the downloads.


The other thing that showed up this morning is the final Manjaro 16.06 Release Announcement. I just wrote about Release Candidate 2 on Friday, so check that for complete information.

Again, as I said in that post, Manjaro is a rolling distribution so if you have a running Manjaro system not only is it not necessary to re-install to get this release, you don't have to do anything special to get this release. Just make sure your system gets the latest updates.

You can check the version by looking at the file /etc/lsb-release, or on the Manjaro Welcome screen found in the desktop menus All Applications / System.

The SHA1 checksums for the images are given on the Manjaro Downloads page. Other checksums (MD5 and SHA256) and GPG signatures are in the download directories - Xfce, KDE and netinstall.


I have noticed one mildly irritating change after these updates were installed on the systems I had running Release Candidate 2 - touchpad tapping is disabled, and I had to go back into the KDE Touchpad control and reset them.

While doing that I changed right-button emulation from three-finger tap to two-finger, which I find much more reasonable.

Oh, one other thing: I missed my guess on the Linux kernels in Majaro, I thought there would be a 4.7-rc included by the time this release came out, but it isn't there yet. I'm still sure that it won't be long, though.

Release announcements for the Community editions should be coming along very soon. I'm particularly eager for the i3 and Manjaro-ARM versions, and if there were a Manjaro-ARM-i3 announced... well, the sheer ecstasy might be too much for my poor old heart.

These releases make for a nice start to a new week. Enjoy!

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