Dell Boomi aims to expand beyond integrating apps to enterprise ecosystems

One big trend in iPaaS is to move beyond connecting applications to customers, partners and the broader enterprise ecosystem.

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Dell Boomi rolled out a series of updates and plans to leverage blockchain as it aims expand beyond integrating applications to an entire enterprise and its ecosystem.

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The rollout equates to a vision of integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) that takes a broader view to connect enterprises, partners, applications, people, things and customers. With the move, Dell Boomi is putting an iPaaS spin that rhymes with what Salesforce is trying to do with its Mulesoft purchase.

Dell Boomi's updates include:

  • A new user experienced aimed at collaboration;
  • Community-based intelligence;
  • Integration with blockchain and various connectors;
  • Self-service for Boomi Connect;
  • Data services for Pivotal Cloud Foundry;
  • An API Gateway and developer portal;
  • Bot accelerators and a Bot software developer kit.

In a graphic, Dell Boomi's plan goes like this and includes connections, a hub to synchronize data, exchanges for partners, API design and customer flows.


Dell Boomi is also aiming to be used by more than developers with workflows for enterprise architects as well as business users.

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Gartner has noted that the iPaaS market has morphed into more of a broader enterprise approach. Here's where Dell Boomi stands in Gartner's March Magic Quadrant to iPaaS. Note that Mulesoft has been acquired by Salesforce in a broad integration push.


Source: Gartner

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