Dell launches threat protection for air-gapped enterprise systems

The security suite is aimed at isolated systems which are not invulnerable to attack in this day and age.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Dell has unveiled a new security suite designed for systems where endpoints are isolated from the internet yet still need an advanced threat protection solution.

On Thursday, the tech giant said the Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise is suitable for enterprise players looking to keep air-gapped systems stable and protected against insider threats, malware, and zero-day vulnerabilities.

While air-gapped systems which are not connected to the internet or unsecured networks may be considered more secure than standard PCs by nature, but they can still be vulnerable to threats in a number of ways.

If attackers -- inside or otherwise -- gain access to isolated networks they may be vulnerable, there are novel ways being developed to attack these systems through everything from radio signals to LED lights, and patches still need to be applied.

Dell says that the new solution, an air-gap version of the Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise, employs Cylance technologies to use "artificial intelligence and predictive mathematical models" to protect against advanced persistent threats (APTs) and sophisticated malware, which is important as air-gapped systems may not be able to take advantage of security solutions which require access to the cloud.

According to the company, the software also "reduces the burden on IT by using mathematical modeling to detect anomalies instead of time-consuming, signature-based antivirus updates."

"Dell is responding to [the enterprise's] heightened needs by developing APIs to adapt our flagship Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise solution with Cylance technology and enabling it for on-premises, air-gap environments -- giving these organizations an advanced threat protection solution that has been inaccessible to them before now," said Brett Hansen, VP Endpoint Data Security and Management at Dell.

Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise can operate in three modes; one which uses an Internet connection for connection to the cloud to pull threat data updates; an on-premises network mode, or full air-gap mode.

The security solution is now available for both commercial PCs and IT environments in the US and a select group of countries.

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