Dell releases latest Linux developer laptop with Comet Lake CPU

Dell's dedicated laptop for open-source programmers sees a new release featuring Intel's hot new laptop CPU: Comet Lake.
Written by Steven Vaughan-Nichols, Senior Contributing Editor

When it comes to Linux laptops for professionals, it's hard to beat Dell's XPS 13 Developer Edition. Now, with its latest Ubuntu-Linux powered XPS 13 release, Dell continues to set the standard for high-end programmer laptops. 

These new laptops are built on the 10th-generation Intel Core i5-10210U processor, Comet Lake. These will arrive on September 5. In October, Dell will upgrade its laptop with six-core Intel Core Comet Lake CPUs. Can you say fast? I knew you could. 

For networking, the latest XPS 13s use the Killer AX1650 (2×2) built on Intel's Wi-Fi 6 Chipset. This supports the latest Wi-Fi standards and Bluetooth 5.0. That means, if your routers support Wi-Fi 6 (aka 802.11ax), you'll see significantly faster network speeds. 

It also comes with up to 16GB of RAM, a fingerprint reader, a narrow bezel around its 14-inch InfinityEdge display, as well as a 100% sRGB color gamut. Another nice upgrade in this system is the webcam has finally been moved to the top of the display. So, we can finally say good-bye to the "nose cam."

These new laptop models will run Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. This Ubuntu will be supported for 10 years. That means, if you wanted, you could still run this laptop in April 2028.

I don't know if I'll still be running this laptop in a decade, but I do know many developers will be happily using it soon and for the next few years.

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