Dialpad Free launched: No-cost advanced small business phone system

Small businesses drive innovation and offer opportunities for millions of people. Dialpad is trying to help these small businesses break free of the desk phone and phone bills with its new service.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
(Image: Dialpad)

While I am commuting and out of the office, I use the smartphones in the world, but then, when I get to my desk, I have an office phone that I detest. The thick manual comes out every time I have to create a three-way call, transfer a caller, or perform basic call management tasks.

Last week, Dialpad announced its new Dialpad Free service for small businesses, and after talking with the Dialpad folks, I immediately sent a note to my IT manager and told him we need to get a phone system in place that matches the capability and power of our smartphones. I have a meeting to discuss a possible transition to Dialpad in January.

Dialpad Free isn't designed for my 90-person engineering firm, but it is perfect for small businesses with up to five employees. Dialpad is a cloud-based communication service that lets you use any device in any location with a consistent and powerful communication experience. The following features are part of this new Dialpad Free service:

  • 100 Outbound minutes per month
  • Unlimited Inbound minutes
  • 100 Inbound and Outbound SMS messages
  • Free UberConference accounts for all five employees
  • HD Calling
  • Voicemail
  • Call recording
  • Call logs and analytics
  • Internal call transfers
  • Professional IVR with extension calling
  • Video calling between Dialpad users
  • Free chat between their staff
  • Ability to connect an unlimited number of IP-enabled devices (desk phones, conference phones)
  • Call recording
  • Integration with LinkedIn
  • Single sign-on using G Suite and G Suite Integration
  • Two-way address book syncing with Google contacts

It's pretty stunning what Dialpad Free offers at no cost, and I especially love that you can use the service on a phone, desktop, iPad, or Chromebook. Small businesses work hard to succeed and having a powerful communications platform that isn't consuming costs is a wonderful option. As part of the launch of Dialpad Free, there is currently no charge to transfer an existing number to Dialpad Free.

Another area of communications that is currently a massive pain point for my office is conference calling. Dialpad Free includes UberConference, which makes meetings simple and powerful. There are no PINs or downloads, and you can join a conference for your preferred device and location.

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