Disqovr app helps you find out what is happening around you

Disqovr claims to be the first interactive discovery app which shows what's happening around you right now, whether you are in your favourite basement bar, in the tube, or on a plane.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

The Disqovr app encourages networking between users based on interest tags, via geo location or internet connectivity. It can even work off grid using Bluetooth mesh networking.

Disqovr app helps you find out what is happening around you ZDNet

Available for iOS, the app intends to "seamlessly connect the right people at the right places".

The app has been trialled in locations such as Techhub London and Bellavita Expo in Amsterdam with over 3,000 attendees.

People want to find places to go to and people to meet - on a personal level or for business.

The app shows users new places that are in close proximity to the app.

It also shows where there are new people to meet who are at those places right now.

You can see who is nearby, join in with the conversation and make connections using interest tags.

Disqovr shows you events, bars or cafes around you, as well as other users nearby that match your stated interests.

The developers say that people love seeing who is at an event in close proximity, and who is interested in the same things as them.

Event organisers will be able to track who is at an event.

They will then be able to take care of their regular attendees with frictionless loyalty awards. they will also be able to identify and welcome any new visitors they discover.

Search for "developers" in the app will bring up users who tag themselves as developers around your location. Search for "designer" the app shows you who is who, and who is near.

The combination of social networking, geo location, and beacon technology combined with an analytical back-end for retailers and event owners makes this possible.

Stephan Hack, CEO and company founder at Disqovr said: "We have a basic human need to explore and to connect, and that's what Disqovr delivers.

"It works regardless of your mobile or Internet connection, using Bluetooth mesh networking. We are able to connect up to ten thousand phones per mesh".

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