Don't buy these Apple products: July 2021 edition

There's no point in spending your hard-earned cash on products that are going to be updated soon.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Let's cut to the chase -- Apple is clever when to comes to managing its product lineup. A regular sprinkling of new or updated products keeps everything looking fresh, even though some are long overdue for an update.

Don't let that fool you.

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Here is a list of Apple products you shouldn't buy right now.

  • The entire iPhone 12 lineup: My ZDNet writing buddy David Gewirtz has done a fantastic job of explaining why. But put simply the yearly update cycle is pretty much fixed in stone, and we know new updates are coming in September/October.
  • iPhone SE: It's over a year old. It was great when it was released, but the price tag now is too high, especially as there may be an upgrade (or it could be eliminated).
  • iPad Mini: An upgrade is incoming, and it seems like it will be a big one, so hold onto your pennies. 
  • MacBook Pro: Big talk of an Apple Silicon upgrade being imminent, so unless you need to replace one urgently, best to hold off for the time being.
  • AirPods: The word on the street is that upgrades are on the way soon. AirPods Pro are probably OK to buy, and the AirPods Max are OK to buy.
  • Apple Watch: Upgrades are likely to land in September, so hold out if you can. 
  • HomePod: No. Mini is OK though.
  • iPod touch: Don't touch that!
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