Don't make all the same Zoom meeting mistakes the UK government did

Everyone is using Zoom these days, including the UK government. But an image of a meeting posted on Twitter highlighted a number of mistakes. Learn from them so your online meetings are better!

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work and interact with others. One thing that's changed is meetings. No longer are we cramming around a table in a stuffy room. Thanks to tools like Zoom, we get to do meetings from the comfort of your own homes.

But an image of a Zoom meeting tweeted out by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of their first digital cabinet meeting highlighted a number of mistakes.

Here's the image:

Boris Johnson

Let's take a look at the mistakes, and learn from them, so our online meetings are better.

Note: While we're looking at a Zoom meeting here, many of these tips apply to other online meeting and collaboration services.

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1: Tweeting out your meeting ID is a dumb idea

Even if your meeting is password-protected -- and it should be -- doing this opens you out to phishing attacks.

2: Lift the camera to eye height

No one wants to spend a whole meeting looking up your nose!

3: Make sure your name is showing

Don't be this guy!


4: Pay attention to the background of your video

Sitting with your back to a window, or in a cluttered room, makes the image very busy and distracting. 

5: Be wary of whiteout

If you're in front of or next to a bright window or another light source, you can end up looking like a ghost.

Don't be these guys!


6: Frame the shot

If you're bothering to have a video meeting, make sure you're in the meeting!

Don't be this guy!


7: Does everyone need to be on video?

Sometimes audio-only is better and less distracting. Also, for those on more limited connections, it means a smoother meeting.

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