Edgee brings content richness to storytelling, curation and creation

If Twitter does not give you the opportunity to express yourself fully, and you want to do more than just blog about a topic, then Edgee might bridge that gap for you.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor
Perhaps the limitations of a 140 character message on Twitter does not cut it for you. You probably have a lot more to say about your brand. You might want to use other types of media to get your message out there.
Edgee brings content richness to storytelling, curation and creation ZDNet

Enter Berlin based Edgee which aims to be the new playground to connect your ideas. Users over 18 can mix and connect their thoughts with a range of media from around the web.

The platform intends its users to be able to share high quality content in "carefully curated collections".

Aimed squarely at the adult consumer market, Edgee states that the platform is for non commercial use only. It intends to get its revenue mainly from third party advertising on its site.
Edgee brings content richness to storytelling, curation and creation ZDNet

You can create Edgees with a collection of interesting links, images and add custom annotations and edits to each collection you create.

Most of the content on an Edgee is not created by you. Rather it is collected from other sources with your commentary.

It does sound a bit like Flipboard, or Google Plus.

It is connected to all of the other social networks, yet it is not dependent on any of them. Users can collate an Edgee then broadcast it across many different platforms to share their information.

There are a variety of topics already on Edgee. From curations of photographers such as Robert Mapplethorpe to street artists like Banksy.

There are tech edgees on the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and a channel for start-ups.

During its two months in beta over 50,000 people signed up on the waitlist and there are many edgees uploaded to the platform.

Commenters tend to give feedback to the creator rather than engage with each other in the comment stream.

It is a fascinating place to look around. I lost a good chunk of my day browsing through content that interested me, without feeling the need to create any edgees of my own.

Perhaps I will just be a lurker on this site, at the moment, it is too early for me to tell.

Marcus Maier, founder of Edgee said: "We believe the world needs a new medium that lowers the barrier of entry for self-expression, while maintaining the ability to show a connected big picture.

With this mission in mind, we designed an "edgee" so that users can explore thoughts and ideas in an entirely new way. Edgee is a unique playground for curious people."

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