New social media platform bitlanders pays users to blend gaming with social

New social network bitlanders uses gaming features and pays users to use the network encouraging engagement and content sharing.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

New York start-up bitlanders aims to capture and engage users by bringing gaming aspects to social media activities whilst encouraging teens to become digital ambassadors for the web.

New social media platform bitlanders pays users to blend gaming with social ZDNet
Image: bitlanders

The social role pay game positions itself as "social media meets the gaming universe." The bitLanders platform delivers a social network and content platform where you upload rich media content and interact with other users.

You can share bitlanders content across social media and build a base of followers.

Here is another social media platform that rewards users for their content and activity. As users progress, the scoring system, the BuzzScore value increases. The BuzzScore measures your reach, influence and your ability to engage your users with your content.

Users with high BuzzScores are rewarded for their work. Film makers and bloggers can get paid for their work. Users can receive payment for the content that they share.

If you invite friends to join the platform using your own personal registration URL you earn 20 percent of the revenue generated by your affiliate users.

BuzzScores are based on the quality of your content, how much it is shared across other social media platforms and how that content is further shared. Subscribers to your profile can increase the value of your own BuzzScore.

The BuzzScore determines how you are rewarded. You can exchange your rewards in gift cards, Paypal or Bitcoin.

Every time you write posts, upload content and share it across other social networks you engage and influence others. You create your profile avatar which can be further customised by shopping for accessories at the bitlanders store.

Users can also spend their Bitcoin earnings in: e-gift cards, used online at OverStock, SureGifts, Flipkart, and on Skype. There is options to purchase phone credit in Italy and Afghanistan.

Users can also make a donation to charities such as the Women's Annex or the Global Medical Relief Fund.

Its corporate responsibility initiatives are laudable too. Its initiative in Afghanistan and other developing countries have helped over 55,000 women to get online.

A large part of the bitlanders user base are teenagers and young adults to encourage them to become digital citizens. Forty percent of its users are aged from 13-17. Avatars and nicknames protect the identity of influencers and users.

The platform promises to provide a "safe and supportive environment for teens to find their own voice and become the next generation of global citizens".

By playing on bitlanders they use "social media for social good and positive change."

There are currently over 400,000 registered users who have an extended database of 125 million friends and fans.

The platform is growing at a pace of 1,000 registered users per day and 250,000 fans and friends see information from the platform.

Users seem to enjoy using the platform which has an average time online of over 15 minutes and a bounce rate below 1percent.

With apps for Android and iOS, bitlanders believes that it is the ideal platform to test and promote native ads and test gaming or task based promotions. It relies on organic reach and engagement of its user base.

It intends that its avatars will access sponsored clothing and accessories (nice idea) to become "Goodwill brand ambassadors to the World Wide Web".

With its "safe and supportive environment" for teens to find their own voice, it might create the ambassadors and provide the platform that really brings that positive change.

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