Equinix announces completion of AU$66m expansion to SY5 data centre

Data centre giant Equinix said its SY5 facility will be the largest IBX in Australia when fully built, with more than 9,200 cabinets expected.
Written by Asha Barbaschow, Contributor
Image: Supplied

Equinix has announced completing the AU$66 million expansion to its fifth Sydney data centre, SY5.

The phase 2 expansion of its SY5 International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre located in Alexandria, Sydney, adds 2,150 cabinets, bringing current capacity to 3,975 cabinets, and colocation space of 11,310 square metres.

The company is touting SY5 as the largest IBX in Australia, with more than 9,200 cabinets expected when fully built.

"We continue to see significant momentum in Australia as technology spend accelerates, driven by the shift to as-a-service consumption models and hybrid multicloud being widely adopted as the architecture of choice," Equinix Australia MD Guy Danskine said.

"The expansion of our SY5 IBX reflects our strategy to continue enriching business ecosystems with added capacity, so our customers can unlock the enormous potential of digital through interconnection.

"This includes moving out of legacy data centres and locating private infrastructure adjacent to their cloud providers to reduce latency and connect to thousands of service providers on Platform Equinix."

Danskine said Equinix's planned investments in the region include ongoing expansion plans, such as the completion of its third data centre in Perth expected later this year.

In Australia, the company boasts one data centre each in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra; two facilities in Perth; five in Melbourne; and a total of eight in Sydney.

In the greater Asia Pacific region, Equinix has 14 facilities in Japan, five facilities in Hong Kong, four data centres in Singapore, one in Seoul, as well as JK1 in Jakarta, and six in Shanghai.

Earlier this week, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission granted Equinix Australia, along with the Australian arms of Nike, H&M, HSBC Bank, and Goldman Sachs, authorisation to form a renewable energy purchasing group that would allow them to jointly negotiate access to better deals for renewable energy.

The authorisation has been granted for 24 years until 30 September 2045, and it will allow the group to negotiate through joint tender process access to green energy from a solar or wind farm, as well as allowing the group to be connected to the National Electricity Market.

At the same time, the authorisation would allow each company to individually enter into a power purchasing agreement (PPA) with a seller, as well as to consult each other and make joint decisions regarding the ongoing administration and operation of certain aspects of the PPA during the term of the contract.


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