ESP32 course bundle deal: Create your own platforms for only $50

If you've been wanting to move on to something other than Arduino, then now's the time to master ESP32.
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Unbelievable as it may seem, gaming can sometimes pall after a while, even when you have amazing accessories. But if you also enjoy creating gadgets of your own, and have been looking for an alternative to Arduino, then you should check out The Ultimate ESP32 Course Bundle.

"ESP32 for Busy People" explains exactly what ESP32 is, teaches you about the different modules and how to use it for simple components such as buttons and LEDs. You'll also learn how it compares to Arduino, how to utilize what you know about Arduino to create things with ESP32, and use the Arduino IDE to create programs for the ESP32. Next, the "ESP32 Unleashed" section covers the Internet and communicating with near-field devices. It will also show you how to generate internal and external time interrupts.

In the third section, "Node-RED & ESP32", you will find out a great deal of information related to useful technologies like MQTT and the Node-Red programming environment. In fact, you will get to use ESP32 and Node-RED to design and build an automated control system. Plus, you'll be joining various software and hardware components, as well as creating different types of applications.

The fourth and final section, "MicroPython with the ESP32", teaches you how to use MicroPython with the ESP32 to program devices that have communications, displays, switches, and motors. The section features many small projects and two big ones that will consolidate all that you've learned. But the bundle also has a special 176-page eBook bonus, "Maker Education Revolution", that features ways parents and teachers can supplement and complement conventional education methods.

Of course, it does need to be noted that these courses are not for complete novices. Students are required to at least be familiar with ESP32 and the JavaScript, command line, understand the fundamentals of electronics and have a basic working knowledge of the Arduino. They must also be able to assemble simple circuits.

Tech Explorations makes educational products for electronics enthusiasts who love creating awesome gadgets. Peter Dalmaris, founder of Tech Explorations, has garnered an impressive 4.6 out of 5 stars rating from students who have taken his courses. So you know they contain everything you'll need to apply them in real-world projects.

Get The Ultimate ESP32 Course Bundle for $49.99 (reg. $200), a savings of 75%.

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