Evernote adds Salesforce integration

The productivity app is connecting its business card scanning feature to Salesforce, the latest illustration of Evernote's focus on serving as a cross platform.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Evernote on Tuesday announced a new integration with Salesforce.com, driving home Evernote's focus on serving as a cross platform to stay useful and relevant.

After launching Evernote for Salesforce in 2013, the productivity app is now connecting its business card scanning feature to Salesforce. This was the most-requested feature from sales teams using Evernote Business, the company said in a blog post, explaining how it now takes under a minute to scanning business card information into Salesforce:

Once you've connected your Salesforce account with Evernote, simply take a picture of a business card in Evernote on your iPhone or iPad.* Our highly accurate optical character recognition turns physical business cards into editable business card notes.

You then have the option to save the contact details on Salesforce as either a 'Lead' or 'Contact'. Evernote also checks for existing email entries in Salesforce to avoid creating duplicates.

The new service requires an Evernote Business account and Salesforce Enterprise or higher. It's currently available on Evernote Web and "coming very soon" to iOS, Windows and Mac.

While not world-changing, Evernote's stepped up integration with Salesforce will help improve workflows. The company also recently announced new integrations with Google and Microsoft. Those moves, along with a renewed focus on its software, could help Evernote regain its footing after a turbulent year that included a change in leadership and some operating cutbacks.

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