Evernote Market shutting down on February 3rd, refocusing on its software

In addition to its outstanding information collection and note service, Evernote sold hardware for the last three years in the Market. The Market is closing as it plans to focus efforts on the software.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Evernote has been my primary note and information collection service across all my devices for years. In 2013, Evernote launched the Evernote Market and reportedly was fairly successful after its first year of operations.

After three years of running the Evernote Market, selling ScanSnap scanners, Jot Script pens, commuter bags, and Moleskine notebooks, Evernote is shutting down the Market on Wednesday, February 3rd.

Evernote reports that more than 800,000 Evernote Moleskine notebooks, 300,000 Jot Script styluses, and nearly 20,000 ScanSnap scanners were sold through this ecommerce website. I purchased a couple of the Evernote Moleskines and they continue to be my favorites. Evernote stated that it will now promote Evernote-integrated products made and sold by its partners, directly customers to the respective websites for those products.

Given the many recent changes in Evernote, including a new CEO and operating cutbacks, it makes sense to see the company refocus on the software that makes it valuable to so many customers. This move actually restores some of my confidence in the company as I was admittedly getting a bit nervous with some of the recent changes.

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