Evernote Premium free for Deutsche Telekom customers in 12 countries

The German telco has begun offering a free subscription to Evernote's paid product for six months for customers across Europe.
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Evernote has extended a partnership with one of Europe's biggest telcos, offering an Evernote Premium subscription free for six months to the company's mobile users in a number of new countries.

Deutsche Telekom announced on Tuesday that it is giving away Premium access to its users in 12 countries: Albania, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.

Evernote first signed up Deutsche Telekom as a partner in March last year, with a similar offer for its German customers.

New users joining Deutsche Telekom's subsidiaries in the countries can sign up for the six-month offer, which includes 1GB of uploads monthly, between now and early October.

The Evernote app will come pre-installed on Android devices sold by the operator in 11 markets in the first quarter of the year, with Austria to follow in the second quarter.

According to Deutsche Telekom, the deal will extend to 57 million users across Europe. The agreement will offer Evernote a chance to expand its Premium user base beyond the four million it currently has on the continent, according to Deutsche Telekom.

Evernote has used a similar strategy in other territories: some months ago it signed up with Telefonica to offer Evernote Premium gratis in Latin America, following similar agreements with KT in South Korea and NTT DoCoMo in Japan.

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