Facebook rolls out new integrations, tools for Workplace

Six months after the launch of Workplace, Facebook is rolling out new integrations and tools on the collaboration platform.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer
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Six months after the launch of Workplace, Facebook is rolling out new integrations and tools on the collaboration platform.

These enhancements will "improve [companies'] day-to-day workflows, ensure regulatory compliance and enable richer communication using Live video," wrote Facebook's Simon Cross in a blog post.

To improve workflows, Facebook is introducing integrations with major enterprise players like Microsoft, Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, and Salesforce-owned Quip. With the Salesforce integration, users in Workplace can get direct access to CRM data like customer records and Salesforce Einstein insights.

Facebook is also integrating Workplace with security and compliance partners CSDisco, Netskope, Smarsh, and Skyhigh. These new integrations will enable companies to handle their compliance, data loss prevention, e-discovery and legal hold needs.

Meanwhile, Facebook is also introducing support for custom bots in Workplace Groups and Chat. In groups, a user can @mention a bot to initiate a task or workflow. In response, the bot could take actions (like ordering food or filing expenses) or reply with relevant information. In chat, a user can message a bot. Bots can also start conversations to send important notifications.

Facebook has several bot platform partners, including Converse, PullString, and Avaamo, which can help businesses build bots without writing any code.

Workplace also now supports Live video streaming. The functionality will rely on the RTMP API that underpins Live on Facebook, meaning it comes withe support of various hardware and software encoders. Facebook has several production partners, including Live Media Group, Pixel Corps, Groovy Gecko, and Stream Shark. Companies use live video, Cross pointed out, to broadcast events like weekly meetings and executive Q&As.

While the Workplace platform is relatively new, Facebook noted Tuesday that it's already being used on every single continent -- including Antarctica -- and in 77 languages. More than 14,000 organizations use Workplace, and more than 400,000 collaborative groups have been created. Some major clients on the platform include Starbucks, Viacom, the Government of Singapore, and Air Asia.

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