Facebook will just create your stories for you now

Having trouble creating the perfect Facebook story post? This new feature might help.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Facebook and Meta logo
SOPA Images/Getty Images

Perfectly curating a story post for your Facebook profile that balances creativity with authenticity can be tedious. Even when you have the perfect photo you want to share, it can often feel like it is missing something. AI is here to help. 

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A Facebook user shared on Twitter a photo of the new feature -- "ready-made stories". 

According to the photo, this new "ready-made" story tool will create stories for users based on their photo and video data, including characteristics such as image quality, location, and presence of people or animals. 

To read your photo for those basic characteristics and then make suggestions based on them, Facebook will have to employ some form of AI. 

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Although this feature may seem to remove the authenticity of making your own post yourself, it will facilitate faster and more frequent posting.  

Facebook has yet to publicly announce the feature, so it seems to be in testing phase. 

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