Facebook/Ray-Ban smart sunglasses leak ahead of launch, and they're ugly

The new Ray-Ban Stories are set to be unveiled later today.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Details of the smart sunglasses collaboration between Facebook and Ray-Ban have leaked ahead of the official unveiling later today.

The leak is courtesy of Evan 'Evleaks' Blass, who dropped a lot of photos onto Twitter.

The product is called Ray-Ban Stories, and will be offered in three Ray-Ban styles -- Wayfarer, Round, and Meteor.

Evan Blass

Oddly for a collaboration with a brand as big as Facebook, apart from the box, the product is free of any Facebook branding.

Is this a move to make them more discreet to prevent a backlash?

These are definitely the glasses for those who want more Facebook in their life and the lives of people around them.

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On the face of it (pun intended), these look like sunglasses with a couple of cameras fitted. There doesn't seem to be any AR functionality, which means these are designed to capture photo and video and pipe it to Facebook.

The only controls visible seem to be a button on the right-hand arm. There are also tiny holes in the frame for what are probably speakers and a microphone.

Because these sunglasses need a battery and other associated electronics, the frames look a bit on the jumbo side.

There are no signs of a charging port, so one would assume wireless charging.

On the whole, they are very reminiscent of the long defunct Snap Spectacles.

Ray-Ban designs are rather bold, and they're not to everyone's tastes.

We'll get the full details later today during the official announcement.

Are these something you'd walk around wearing?

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