Fastee aims to unify business communication with free app

Fastee's business communications platform, aims to integrate team communication, and deliver real time file, folder and email sharing - for free.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Tel Aviv, based communications company Fastee, has launched its new communications platform and app.

The platform allows business team members, service providers and customers a one-stop-shop to communicate in one place, giving secure access to any shared material.

Free for unlimited number of users, groups and chats, Fastee is accessible from any browser, iOS and Android devices. There is an app in the App Store and Google Play .

The tool can update your team in real time on relevant news from your CRM system.

If you have a new customer, opportunity, case, or progress with a lead the tool will enable the sales teams to align and move deals through the sales cycle faster.

You can connect your prospects to existing customers or report account updates in real time.

The platform is integrated with enterprise software including Salesforce, Asana and Yammer.

Fastee aims to unify business communication with free app

Files and emails can be shared through integration with Gmail, Microsoft Exchange 365, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

All content is accessible within the platform via group or direct chat.

Group members can have access to shared files or linked folders, even when not subscribed to a given service.

All chats, files and emails are searchable and accessible through iOS and Android, in addition to Chrome, Safari, IE and Firefox.

256-bit AES encryption protects files and chats. The app generates a unique key for each item, and securely stores each key in a separate location.

The app's private groups feature means that all content shared within groups is limited to group members only.

Notifications can be enabled for both mobile and desktop. Users can preview files, images and emails through Fastee, without the need to download files to a local device.

Guy Eisdorfer, Co-Founder and CEO of Fastee. said: "Our app provides business teams with one place to interact with customers and colleagues, giving quick, secure access to a project's entire lifetime of files and chats. We see our app quickly becoming the go-to communication tool of choice for business users."

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