Forget the iPhone, the iPad could use a stylus

For drawing and other fine work, a stylus for the iPad doesn't sound like too bad an idea.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

Back in January 2009, I had the opportunity to check out the Pogo Stylus. At the time I couldn't really justify its existence since the iPhone provides a finger-friendly interface, and the stylus would just be an accessory to worry about.

Well, now two things have happened that make me think this whole stylus on an iPhone thing has legs. The first one is the announcement by Ten One Design of a new case, Tango, that not only fits both the iPhone and the Pogo Stylus, but also ships with a Pogo Stylus included. It's actually not a bad case, offering up a leather exterior lined with microsuede, and including storage pockets on the back for holding cards. If you're interested it can be had for $39.95.

The second thing that happened that might create a need for the Pogo Stylus is the introduction of the iPad. When I first got my iPad, I immediately realized that a stylus might actually work well when drawing or performing more fine-tuned tasks. I didn't have a Pogo Stylus then, but I do have one on order now.

I can't help but think that the case above reminds me a bit too much of some of the earlier cases I had for my iPAQ. How many years ago was that? I also have to wonder how many people are using a stylus on their iPhone. I did some quick research and found that even a fellow ZDNet blogger, David Morgenstern, does, and I'll be sure to tell him about this new case. Besides him, though, are people really tapping their iPhones with a stylus?

As I mentioned, I see the value of adding a stylus for the iPad, but we'll see how well the Pogo Stylus works first. Perhaps Ten One Design will be offering up an iPad case soon, too?

Do you use a stylus with your iPhone or iPad? Why or why not?

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