Fourvote app aims to find out what you really think

Fourvote is a social voting app designed to get your feedback on anything at all and share it across your networks.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Traditional social media has a way of turning us into passive participants. We consume tweets, social updates and posts on our timelines without expressing our more diverse opinions.

The Fourvote app, available for Android allows you to be an active contributor and participant in discussions without commitment -- unless you really want to be party to the conversation

The concept of Fourvote is simple: The app delivers questions to users in the form of a multiple choice poll. Users get to share their votes and results on their Facebook profiles.

Fourvote app aims to find out what you really think ZDNet

Users can see all questions through a single feed which can be filtered through categories such as: Daily life; advice and suggestions, news, world events and politics, films, music and TV series, technology and science, love and relationships, sports, and funny.

Fourvote feels that there is a gap between the "Like" button, with its ambiguous meaning, and Facebook comments.

The company wants the app to fill the gap by using polls, which it feels are more flexible and meaningful for people.

The company developed the app to achieve three things: Give users way to give feedback in a "meaningful and diverse" way.

It reckons that most people do not really get much connection through social media.

Users may not have a large network of friends and followers or they do not want to be known for asking strange and unusual questions.

Users that do actively post updates or tweet such things they at most get a few likes or a comment or two.

Fourvote also wants to encourage users away from the passive behavior they may have been pushed into by most other social apps and networks.

It also wants its users to have fun whilst using the app. It reckons that many of the questions that have sprung up in the early phase of the app's usage are much more witty and interesting than expected which gives rise to unexpected answers and statistics that can be shared as fun facts on Facebook.

Founder Paul Bonea said: "Our most important goal in the very short term is to ensure that people enjoy themselves when using our app. Soon enough all of our efforts will switch from just providing the "fun" to adding the "utility" factor."

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