Free bumper case for iPhone 4 but you have to wait 3 to 5 weeks

Apple came through with its offer for a free case, but unfortunately there's a bit of a backlog with getting them out the door.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

Today Apple released an app that lets you order a free bumper case for your iPhone 4. It's a pretty straight forward process that simply involves you downloading the app, entering in your Apple ID, and then selecting the case you want. Apple is even offering up other options, besides just its bumper. And if you already bought a bumper, Adrian has the details on how to go about getting your money back.

So, what's the catch? As the title of this article states, you go through this relatively effortless process only to find that you have to wait 3 to 5 weeks! At any rate, it's free but waiting that long is just too long, in my opinion. As a result, I've already started sourcing some other no-name manufacturers in hopes of finding ones that are in stock at Best Buy or other retailers.

As for the free case, Matt Miller is definitely not a fan of the whole process, and again calls for Apple to have just released a phone that works in the first place.

I actually don't mind the process at all, and actually found the ordering to be even easier than the processing of a rebate that I had to go through when I purchased my original iPhone and then Apple offered some money back in the form of an Apple gift certificate. Of course, I would prefer to not need the case at all, but as I've been able to confirm multiple times now, by simply placing my pinky on the spot that's the separation of the antenna, the case is needed to avoid sudden call disconnects.

So, now I can either wait 3-5 weeks for a solution or go source a random case from a store. Since I can't keep disconnecting calls, I'll be trying to find one this weekend and will report back as the weekend progresses. Any recommendations for non-Apple bumper options?

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