Free PDF download: How to win with prescriptive analytics

What do business leaders need to know about prescriptive analytics? Find out by downloading the free PDF ebook version of a special report from ZDNet and TechRepublic.
Written by Melanie Wachsman, Editor

Setting up a prescriptive analytics infrastructure, which not only anticipates what will happen in the future but why, can provide insights and recommendations to help companies alleviate risk, optimize situations, meet goals, thwart failure--and everything in between. ZDNet and TechRepublic published a PDF ebook examining how companies prepare for, benefit from, and use prescriptive analytics in their operations. Here's a look at what's in this free PDF ebook.

TechRepublic contributing writer Brandon Vigliarolo writes that "it's tough to build a modern successful business without good analytics, and prescriptive analytics is the linchpin that makes all the other models and analyses worth it." Read his comprehensive overview of the topic in his article Executive's guide to prescriptive analytics.

In her feature Your guide to prescriptive analytics, TechRepublic's Macy Bayern investigates how data analytics is transforming the enterprise and presents the latest analytics trends. While, ZDNet contributing writer George Anadiotis takes a deep dive into the topic in his article A guide for prescriptive analytics: The art and science of choosing and applying the right techniques.

TechRepublic's James Sanders discusses how understanding the difference between descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics can set you on the right path to finding a viable and productive solution for your business in his article Descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics: How are they different?

Many tech leaders are already leveraging prescriptive analytics, reports TechRepublic's Alison DeNisco Rayome in her article CIO Jury: Two-thirds of tech leaders are using prescriptive analytics. ZDNet's Asha Barbaschow expands on this with a case study on how the NHL is planning on using data analytics to track the puck and the players in real-time in her article How the NHL is planning on using data analytics to change the game for everyone.

Also in this ebook, TechRepublic's Melanie Wolkoff Wachsman dispels misconceptions about prescriptive analytics in her article 5 myths about prescriptive analytics.

To read all these articles, plus details on original research from ZDNet sister site Tech Pro Research, download the free PDF ebook: Special Report: How to win with prescriptive analytics

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