GammaTech refreshes its DURABOOK R8300 ruggedized Windows 10 laptop

Sometimes a regular laptop just isn't up to the challenge.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

If your job takes you into extreme conditions, then that's when you need a ruggedized laptop that can take everything the environment can throw at it, from scorching-hot deserts to freezing terrains.

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Built rugged for individuals who find themselves in the most extreme situations and environments, the DURABOOK R8300 has been revamped with a series of advanced or improved features, including:

  • Intel 6th Generation Skylake i5 and i7 processors
  • Advanced Display Technology: improves visibility in all lighting conditions
  • DDR4 Memory Technology: increases responsiveness and productivity, and provides more memory bandwidth
  • Advanced Connectivity: provides excellent coverage
  • Superior Security and data protection functions
  • Windows 10 Professional
  • Peace of Mind (POM) Warranty for three years

Not only does the R8300 earn C1D2 (ANSI/ISA 12.12.01) certification for operating in hazardous conditions, it also meets a host of rugged certifications such as Military Standard 810G, 461F, IP65, and more. It features a large 13.3-inch TFT touch screen LCD display with a backlit keyboard option and direct-sunlight readability, stealth mode, and a secured dual battery lock.

GammaTech DURABOOK R8300 ruggedized Windows 10 laptop

If a user needs to move a laptop between the office and vehicles easily, the R8300 offers optional office and vehicle docks for ultimate versatility and portability.

Other features include security protection such as Absolute Computrace, TPM and a Kensington lock, optional second battery, hot-swappable HDD, and various connectivity support such as Wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.2, SIM card slot, GPS module, Wi-Fi, Gobi 5000, and more. The R8300 is designed for the military, public safety, and utility markets.

"Since we introduced the R8300 several years ago, military troops, public safety workers, and many governmental departments have come under greater and greater threats to their lives and well-being," stated Tom Wang, GammaTech president. "Terrorists, social misfits, and both domestic and international hackers have put people toiling in these professions at far greater risks than anyone ever thought possible. With its latest upgrades, our DURABOOK R8300 fully rugged notebook is now, more than ever, ready to go to battle and help protect these individuals. And we back it like never before with our three-year Peace of Mind warranty."

For more information on the DURABOOK R8300, visit the GammaTech website.

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