Get a global SIM card and 3-day data package for $17

KnowRoaming's card works all over the world and comes with three days' worth of unlimited data. BBH-exclusive!
Written by Rick Broida, Contributor

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Greetings, fellow business-bargain hunters! Before I jump into today's deal, which is all kinds of awesome, allow me to remind you that Prime Day is just around the corner: It starts at noon (PT) on Monday, July 16, and runs for 36 hours.

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When you travel internationally, how much time do you really want to spend hunting down local SIM cards, setting up service in different countries, dealing with another new phone number every time you switch carriers and all that nonsense?

Zero. That's why I recommended getting a global SIM card before you start your voyage. Like this one: For a limited time, KnowRoaming is offering BBH readers its Global SIM Card and a 3-day unlimited data package for just $16.89. Regular price for those two items: $33.96.

I've used this service twice: Once in France and mostly recently in Italy. Both times it worked splendidly, though with a couple hiccups that were mostly setup-related.

Basically, once you land on foreign soil, you just pop out your existing SIM card and pop in the KnowRoaming card. The latter will automatically connect to a local network; then just activate your service plan (from within the KnowRoaming app). What's nice is that as you travel around, the SIM automatically switches to other networks as needed.

Once you burn through your three free days, you can purchase additional unlimited-data days for just $8 each.

If you're new to this kind of travel, however, be sure to read the FAQ page so you understand the limitations inherent in this kind of setup. For example, you'll necessarily inherit a new phone number (a U.S. one, though) when you switch SIMs, so people may have a hard time reaching you unless you've shared that number with them. Likewise, text messages to your regular number won't get forwarded to the new one.

There are workarounds for these wrinkles, like switching over to, say, Facebook Messenger while you're traveling. It's useful for both calls and messages, and doesn't rely on your phone number.

Regarding the aforementioned hiccups, I reached out to KnowRoaming support a couple times (via email) and received prompt, helpful responses. YMMV, of course, but I was impressed.

I should also point out my fondness for another KnowRoaming product: the Global SIM Sticker, which adheres to your existing SIM. That eliminates the need to swap cards; you simply use the app to toggle between local/global as needed. It runs $30 -- something to consider if you do a lot of international travel.

If you don't have any immediate trips planned, fear not: The data package doesn't need to be activated until Sept. 30. For a mere $17, this is an easy and affordable way to get service in over 125 countries. What's not to like?

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