Good Technology aims at wearables and Internet of Things devices

Good launches Dynamic Secure Mobility Platform to tap into what it sees as the "rapidly expanding eco-system of connected things and wearables".
Written by Colin Barker, Contributor

Good Technology chose this week's Mobile World Congress trade show to launch its Dynamic Secure Mobility Platform, which is aimed squarely at the emerging market for wearable devices.

At the same time, Good is hoping the platform will open up other markets for it including the Internet of Things (IoT).

The company said its Dynamics Platform will enable the development of secure mobile apps for wearable devices, such as mobile identity and access management features, including two-factor authentication and access control. For example, a fitness tracker or a smartwatch could be used to unlock access to a Good-secured app running on a smartphone, it said.

The company is also launching Good Work, a secure system for email, scheduling, arranging meetings, and managing contacts.

In November IDC estimated that by the end of 2020 there will be 30 billion connected "things" forming the IoT - and wearables, Good believes, will be a key part of this boom.

To illustrate this, the company points out that with Good Work, a user "now has the ability to glance at a wristwatch to quickly scan email or accept a meeting invitation". In addition, with Good-secured apps for wearables and the IoT, it's possible for a mechanic on a manufacturing line to use a wearable to scan parts for defects and automatically log an order for repairs.

Good Work supports Android Wear so users can get push notifications, accept or reject meeting requests, and respond to emails using voice recognition or preset responses directly from the wearable device.

Centralized policy controls allow IT departments to enable or disable wearable capabilities for Good Work and for any other Good-secured app built on the Good Dynamics platform.

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