Google adds AI-powered insights stream into Analytics mobile app

The new insights stream relies on machine intelligence and should get smarter by reacting to user feedback.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Google is making it easier for businesses to learn from their data, with a new automated insights stream within its Google Analytics apps for Android and iOS.

The stream relies on machine intelligence to find trends "among the thousands of metric and dimension combinations that can be reported in Google Analytics," Google product manager Ajay Nainani wrote in a blog post.

For example, Nainani said, the stream could help a retailer quickly find opportunities during the holiday season. The insights stream "can tell you which products are experiencing higher than normal sales growth, which advertising channels are driving the most conversions and the best returns, and on which devices customers engage with your brand."


In addition to quickly surfacing trends, the new Google Analytics feature also makes it easier to share insights and offers tips on how a user can improve his Analytics data. It also should get smarter over time based on user feedback.

While it's available on mobile right now, Google is working on bringing the new stream to the web version of Google Analytics, as well as making it available in other languages.

Other companies, meanwhile, are also taking steps to ensure their cloud customers can find value in all the data they're storing. Earlier this week, Box announced it's acquiring the startup Wagon Analytics.

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