Google adds third cloud zone in Singapore

A year after opening Google Cloud Platform Singapore region with two zones, the tech vendor has added a third zone and introduced new services including Cloud Spanner and Managed Instance Groups.
Written by Eileen Yu, Senior Contributing Editor

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has added a third zone in Singapore and introduced new services to the region.

The latest addition pushes the number of GCP zones to 46 worldwide as well as establishes at least three zones in all of its 15 global regions, according to Dave Stiver, product manager for Google Cloud Platform.

The tech giant opened the Singapore region last June, launching the cloud platform with two zones. The third, dubbed asia-southeast1-c, would boost the site's availability rate for customers in the region, Stiver said.

"We build every region with the intention of providing at least three zones because we understand the importance of high availability," he said. "Customers can distribute their apps and storage across multiple zones to protect against service disruptions."

Since the Singapore launch, he added, Google had introduced new services such as Cloud KMS and Cloud Bigtable. The launch of the third zone would see three new additions to the mix: Cloud Spanner, Cloud SQL, and Managed Instance Groups.

Each GCP region operates independently of other regions and each zone is isolated from other zones in the same region. Google typically recommends customers deploy applications across multiple zones and regions as safeguards against unexpected downtime or failures.

Its GCP Singapore region clientele includes AirAsia and Viki.

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