Google Australia and New Zealand chief departs to Domain

After years in charge of Google ANZ, Jason Pellegrino is moving to become CEO of Domain.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor

Google ANZ chief Jason Pellegrino is shifting bubbles, moving from the tech bubble to the real estate bubble with his appointment as managing director and CEO of Domain.

Pellegrino took on the leadership mantle at Google in May 2016, when he was promoted from his role as Asia-Pacific sales operations and strategy.

In total, Pellegrino has spent almost a decade with the search giant.

"I have spent close to a decade with Google and consider myself enormously lucky to have worked with fantastic colleagues, partners, and customers, dealing with the rapid shift in technology, from desktop, to smartphone and now the AI-powered world ahead," Pellegrino said in a statement.

"Throughout this time, I have always prided myself on supporting the growth of incredibly strong teams and establishing transparent and trusting relationships with partners and customers, something I am looking forward to continuing as I join Domain."

Pellegrino will pick up a AU$1.2 million base salary, with a AU$500,000 cash bonus simply for being employed on December 31, alongside AU$2 million of shares and other perks.

At the start of the year, Google Australia's long-serving director of engineering Alan Noble stepped down to focus on his non-profit project, with his duties picked up by Anil Sabharwal.

For its 2017 financial year, Google reported AU$125 million in after-tax profit from revenue of AU$1.02 billion, which comprised AU$604 million from advertising, AU$266 million from research and development (R&D) services, and AU$136 million from hardware.

Locally, Google said it employs 1,282 staff members, on which it spent AU$298 million in wages. It also paid AU$231.8 million in income tax.

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