Google just killed off its Trips app despite pleas from users to keep it alive

Google has terminated its Trips app for iOS and Android.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Google is sending Trips off to its graveyard of abandoned apps, along with its popular Inbox app and the Google+ social network among others

Google actually flagged the August 5 cut-off date in June but recently updated the help page with a note explaining that users will find Google Trips app features in Google Search and Google Maps.   

As of today, when iOS and Android users open Trips, they'll be met with a cold message from Google. "We've said goodbye to Google Trips. Many of your favorite features will live on in other Google products," it states on a page that links to the help page.  

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By Google standards, Trips wasn't a huge hit. On Google Play the app has only been downloaded five million times since it launched in 2016, compared with Gmail, which has been downloaded over five billion times.

However, recent reviews on the Trips page on Google Play indicates that those who do use the app found it very useful and are furious at Google's decision to kill it. In fact, virtually every review in the past two months – and there are hundreds of them – are pleading for Google not to shut the app down. 

"There is no reason why Google is getting rid of this app," writes one disappointed user. 

"It is the only app I would trust to pull all of my reservations via email, which is entirely why I got it. The whole point is to not have to input trip information manually. Thus, their claims that other apps do the same this is just patently untrue. The offline feature is one of a kind, and the information that used to be provided by users (food suggestions, vaccine guide, etc) was invaluable. Nothing in other Google apps can compete."

Many of them also lament the loss of Inbox by Gmail, which Google axed in April. The Trips app also served as a useful substitute for Inbox's trip bundling functionality.

Google explains that to find Trips information in Search, such as notes and saved places, users need to sign into their Google Account. Google is also pointing users to its website google.com/travel

In Google Maps, Google points to its Explore tab as a way of finding things to do in a destination, while 'Saved places' can be accessed from the menu icon. 

Additionally, Google will soon add 'Trip reservations' to the Google Maps menu, which will be available under Your Places and Upcoming. 

"Your reservations will be organized by trip, as they are in Google Trips today. They'll also be automatically available offline, so you won't have to manually download them," Google says. 


On Google Play the app has only been downloaded five million times since it launched in 2016. 

Image: Liam Tung/ZDNet
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