Google sending Trips to great abandoned app pile in the sky

Search giant offers similar functionality on a web version, if you hand over tracking permissions.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor

I think not

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Fresh from killing off its best email client, Inbox, Google has moved to end the Trips app that provided a useful substitute for Inbox's trip bundling functionality.

Google has said in a note that Trips will have no support after August 5.

If its death is anything like the one given to Inbox, the app will not be functional after that date, and simply show a screen saying it is no longer supported.

Trips first appeared in September 2016 and provided trip planning functionality that was able to be accessed offline.

The app has its destinations populated through Gmail's scanning of messages.

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Google is pointing users to google.com/travel to access replacement functionality, however, it does require users to enable Google to track their web and app history via the "Web & App Activity" setting.

This setting restricts the functionality of Google Assistant, and if not enabled, will prevent Google Home Hub from playing YouTube clips.

Google recently killed off the consumer version of Google+, and is set to end support for Classic Hangouts in October.

Google+ stayed functional during this week's Google Cloud outage.

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