Google launches Cloud Premium Support for enterprise customers

The service will support the “enterprise and mission-critical needs of Google Cloud customers.”
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Google has launched Cloud Premium Support in a bid to improve cloud services for enterprise clients.

On Wednesday, Atul Nanda Vice President of Cloud Support at Google said that Premium Support will better serve "the enterprise and mission-critical needs of Google Cloud customers."

Cloud Premium Support builds upon existing technical account manager (TAM) systems and 15-minute service-level objectives (SLOs). 

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Google Cloud clients will now have cases handled by "context-aware experts" who will investigate specific application stacks, architecture, and implementation before tackling support issues. These employees will work with TAMs and will also provide help during events that may impact business applications or performance, such as service switches or upgrades. 

An overview is below:


"We know that our customers are running dynamic businesses and might have special projects and needs that are emerging," Nanda says. "Premium Support has been designed to better meet the needs of our customers running modern cloud technology."

In addition to the new service, Google has created bolt-on extras, purchased as needed, including event management services, architecture reviews, and expanded TAM coverage, which has been designed for global clients operating in different time zones. 

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The company also plans to launch mission-critical support services. Currently being trialed and due to be made widely available during 2020, this service will focus on site reliability engineering (SRE) to optimize and improve applications and projects "that have the highest sensitivity to downtime."

Premium Support is now available and additional features will be rolled out across 2020. 

The launch of premium support services for Google Cloud builds upon a range of new partnerships between Google and cybersecurity firms. In December, the company published details on new agreements and the expansion of existing security-focused partnerships. 

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Companies now working with Google include McAfee, Palo Alto Networks, Qualys, Citrix, Fortinet, Tanium, and IBM Security. 

This week, Google also announced the acquisition of no-code development platform AppSheet, which the tech giant said "complements Google Cloud's strategy to reimagine the application development space." In addition, Google has recently purchased Pointy, a platform for SMBs to list in-store product inventory online. 

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