Google Maps gets new features for commuters

The new features and integrations are designed for driving, taking public transit or doing both.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

New technologies, like electric vehicles and ride-sharing apps, are transforming transportation. But for the most part, commuting is still a major, largely unpleasant part of everyday life. Google is addressing that with a series of new features and integrations in Google Maps.

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For starters, Google is rolling out a dedicated "commute" tab on Google Maps that with one tap offers live traffic updates and transit information tailored to your commute. It will offer alternative routes when there are delays, and Android users will receive notifications about delays and disruptions on their route.

There's also new features and integrations for commuters who use public transit. In 80 cities, transit riders will be able to see where their bus or train is in real time. In Sydney, Google has partnered with Transport New South Wales to show how full the next bus or train is. Google says it's bringing this feature to more cities around the world soon.

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For commuters both driving and using public transit, Google Maps will show information for each leg of the trip, such as whether you'll hit traffic on the drive or what time the next train departs.

To make the trip more pleasant, Google's also integrating Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music into Google Maps so users can control their music and podcasts directly from Maps.

The new features will start rolling out globally on Android and iOS this week.

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