Google Messages will soon let you create and send three-second selfie GIFs

Can't find the perfect GIF? Google will now let you create one in seconds.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer
Artie Beaty/ZDNET

If you've ever felt like you just couldn't find the perfect GIF to express your thoughts, a new feature in Google Messages might be what you need. 

You'll soon be able to record your own selfie GIFs in Google's messaging app, much like the GBoard GIF creator from years ago.

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A new Google Messages support page explains how to shoot a selfie GIF and inject a little personality into your group chat. From the Google Messages conversion message bar, click and hold the camera icon. You may also see a prompt to create a selfie GIF in the conversation. When you do that, a three-second countdown will appear. The recording will start automatically and stop after three seconds, but you can click the button to start recording manually.

You can reshoot your recordings, but you can't edit them. After recording, you'll see the option to redo or send. If you tap send, Google Messages will deliver your new GIF, no questions asked. Google will save GIFs you create in your camera roll for later use.

This feature, first revealed by TheSpaAndroid back in January, wasn't available on several Android devices I checked. Since Google has published a Google support page for it, however, it's probably not too far away from a wide rollout. 

It was just last month that Google rolled out several new features for Google Messages, including iMessage-style emoji reactions that let users share what they're feeling using animated emojis. While that feature only worked from Google Messages to Google Messages, this new selfie GIF option should let you send seamlessly between ecosystems.

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