Google opens up Daydream app development

If developers want their apps discoverable via Google Play VR or Daydream home, the apps need to meet certain criteria.


Google's virtual reality headset Daydream hit the market late last year, but there's still a need for VR content.

Major brands like Major League Baseball, Netflix, and CNN have already released Daydream apps, and Google last year offered limited developer access to the Daydream platform. Now, Google is opening up Daydream app development to anyone.

Google this week published steps for developers interested in opting into Daydream distribution -- making their app discoverable to Daydream users via Google Play VR and Daydream home. After developers submits an app to Google Play, Google reviews it to ensure it meets the Daydream App Quality criteria.

The criteria include design, functionality, performance, and stability requirements. "Designing apps for VR is substantially different than for other platforms, particularly because poorly designed applications or performance issues can make some users feel nauseated," Google reminded developers.

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