Google stops Burger King ad from getting Google Home to talk

A 15-second Burger King advertisement inadvertently set off Google Home to read an advertisement about Whoppers. Google wasn't having it.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor
(Image: File photo)

Google has put a stop to the Burger King commercial that triggered Google Home smart speakers with a voice command to a read an advertisement for its Whopper burger.

The 15-second advertisement shows a Burger King employee saying "OK Google, what is the Whopper burger?"

Google Assistant on the Google Home was then prompted to read the Whopper's Wikipedia page that was recently updated with an ad-like description of the burger.

It's an ingenious, albeit annoying form of advertising, and CNET reported hours after the advertisement was released that it no longer triggers Google Home. Apparently, Google wasn't having it.

Google didn't immediately respond to our request for confirmation that it disabled the voice trigger. Earlier Wednesday, Google did confirm to CNET it had no involvement in the making of the advertisement.

Earlier this week, Google teased an upcoming Google Home feature that looks to add voice tagging through multiple user support. This will likely allow Google Assistant to distinguish user voices, which in turn could stop something like the Burger King advertisement from setting off your smart speaker again.

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