Google Wallet will now automatically add your movie ticket or boarding pass

When you buy a ticket for a movie or a flight, you'll no longer have to manually add it to Google Wallet.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer
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Just a few days after adding support for more than 40 small, regional banks, Google Wallet is getting a little deeper.

Thanks to a new update, Google Wallet will now automatically add movie tickets and boarding passes from Gmail.

Neither of these ticket types are new to Google Wallet, but until now, they had to be added manually. Going forward, they'll be added as soon as you get your confirmation email, without you having to do anything extra.

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Google didn't specify exactly which companies this addition works with, only noting in a release that "this integration is live for some global movie chains and airlines." More movie theaters and airlines will be added in the future, the company said.

There is one important caveat: the integration only works if your email ticket confirmation sent to your connected account contains a QR code. If an account login is required to access the ticket, you'll still have to add it manually.

This is just the latest step in Google's efforts to replace your physical wallet with a digital version. The company added transit passes and insurance cards last summer, club loyalty cards and gym memberships in the fall, several state driver's licenses in October 2023, and over 40 more banks in December 2023.

Also as a part of this release, Google has added the ability to manually archive passes in your Wallet. If you have an active pass that you don't want appearing, you can select archive, and it will be moved from the main screen into a lower "archived pass" section.

Additionally, Google launched Wallet in the Dominican Republic, Monaco, and Peru, as well as the ability for loyalty cards to highlight membership benefits while users browse products in Google Search and Shopping.

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