Google's Pixel Chromebook is Microsoft's delight

Google's overpriced and feature-limited new Chromebook Pixel is the best thing to happen to Microsoft's Surface Pro.
Written by Howard Lo, Contributor

I read about how software and service companies shouldn't get into the hardware business, and I think to myself, why not? A huge company like Google has the brainpower and financial resources to do anything, don't they? After all Apple and even Microsoft are making their own hardware.

google pixel
Google's new Pixel Chromebook

Now I know why not. After Google's Nexus Q flop last year, they've returned with a US$1,299 Web browsing device wrapped up in "anodized aluminum alloy".  The Internet can now take a pause from bashing Microsoft's Surface Pro for being too expensive as a laptop since Google's Pixel makes the Surface Pro (and Surface RT) look affordable and useful in comparison.

Congratulations Google for out-Appling Apple...long famous for charging a premium for a product with less features.  If you have an existing laptop and would like to experience Pixel now, just set it to launch Chrome on startup and restrict access to anything outside of that. For an even better Pixel experience, use the Surface Pro for your touchscreen needs (plus you get a tablet mode too, for cheaper!).

Existing Chromebook makers such as Acer and Samsung must be overjoyed with Google's Pixel.  They have models available at more affordable (yet possibly still unrealistic for what you get) prices. Similar to menu design in a restaurant where they put a high-price item next to a medium-price item, which then looks affordable and a better buy, people might feel like these cheap Chromebooks must be worth it since there is an expensive "premium" Pixel version available.

At least Google Glass looks promising...

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