Hancom Flexcil launches PDF edit app with pen for iPad

Flexcil allows iPad users to annotate, take notes, and capture images and text of PDF files using touch pens or Apple pencil.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Hancom Flexcil has launched a PDF annotating and editing app for iPad that uses Apple pencil or a touch pen of the users' choosing.

Called Flexcil, users can load up their PDF file on the app to write notes, and highlight or circle important text using their touch pen.

They can "drag & drop" text on the PDF by circling and dragging them to a separate notepad that can be loaded next to it.

A pencil case UI that can be placed anywhere on screen will allow users to choose the color and thickness.

The app also has a "palm rejection" feature that prevents reading of palms or fingers besides when writing.

The PDF annotation and study tool is aimed for use by students, writers, and teachers, the company said. It supports iCloud and Google Drive.

Flexcil is free for download on the App Store and supports a total of 10 languages including Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, and French. The beefed up paid version, Flexcil Standard Mode, costs $9.89.

The paid-for version allows users to change their existing notes into PDFs using the app. They can also search their collection of edits, and find original PDF files that they dragged and dropped text and images from.

Hancom Flexcil is a subsidiary of Hancom, the South Korean word processor developer. It started off as an in-house startup and has been valued at 9.3 billion won ($8.1 million) by the Korea Invention Promotion Association.

The beta version, launched last in South Korea, was ranked second on the free app lists for iPad.

"Globally, the distribution of electronic documents and digital textbooks is actively rising and we believe that Flexcil's usability will expand going forward," said a Hancom spokesman. "We plan to add mobile view and an Android version at a later date."

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